Heya minna! Anime Central 99 is now history! I was actually able to get out from behind the newsletter desks and see some of the con this time around. Here's my pile o' pictures for the world's enjoyment.

01 You see some strange and different things at an anime con. Here's the killer paint job on the House of Anime's truck.
02 Welcome to the Pre-con Staff Guest Reception! Here's my friend Lorraine Reyes (right) and further on the table, Daiken Yoko-o.
03 More of the Guest Reception. Daiken Yoko-o, Hirotaka Okuma and Tsukasa Kotobuki sketching away.
04 See what guests do in their off time? American guests chilling and frolicking at the Guest Reception.
05 Tsukasa Kotobuki working on my sketch.
06 Yuji Moriyama and Kenichi Sonoda on the opposite end of the sketching tables.
07 Opening Ceremonies! It's Part One of our Japanese Guests, (L-R) Tsukasa Kotobuki, Kenichi Sonoda and Yuji Moriyama. At the mike? That's Emcee of Emcees, Carl Horn.
08 Japanese Guests: Part Two. (L-R) Scott Frazier, Hirotaka Okuma and Daiken Yoko-o.
09 Here's Jason Lee, Doug Smith and Amanda Winn Lee from A.D.Vision.
10 Check it out! It's Zelgadis and Crispin Freeman and Rachael Lillis.
11 Here we have Leah Applebaum, voice of Nanami from Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Lisa Ortiz, the voice for Lina Inverse of Slayers and Deedlit from Lodoss War.
12 Ready for some artists? Here's ACen's resident Odd Couple, comic book artists Robert DeJesus and Lorraine Reyes.
13 Last of the guest crew... Here's Shawn the Touched and Viz's very own Toshi Yoshida.
14 Words of wisdom or Spam attack? Here's ACen Co-Chair and MAPS President, Maria Rider.
15 Definately Spam. Here's ACen Co-Chair and MAPS Secretary, Roderick "Agitator" Lee.
16 Translations abound! Here's Tsukasa Kotobuki, translator/Sonoda-san's "love toy" Dan Kanemitsu, Kenichi Sonoda, and Yuji Moriyama.
17 Robert DeJesus with this opening remarks.
18 The Prelude: Amanda Winn Lee address the group.
19 I couldn't seem to get a shot of Jason Lee with his eyes open... So much for 400 speed film.
20 Crispin Freeman says a few words.
21 The ever-smiling Rachael Lillis.
22 Here comes Lina! It's Lisa Ortiz.
23 Of course they can speak! Don't everybody? It's VA Leah Applebaum.
24 Welcome to the Meet the Guest Reception. It's Amanda Winn Lee and Scott Frazier. In'it CUUUUUTE?
25 Kenichi Sonoda enjoys the catering while Yuji Moriyama and Toshi Yoshida enjoy a good laugh.
26 Jason, Amanda and Scott kickin' back at the reception.
27 Had a question about Fushigi Yuugi? Here's where to get the answer. The "personalities" of the FY push on the internet!
28 This is the Fushigi Yuugi group pict after the FYML panel.
From L-R (IRC Nicks): Kouji, Agitator, Tekaneda, Miakachan, Bar-san, Yasha, Puu-chan and Thea.
29 Here's a Coke! Here's a Coke! I wonder what else is in there... Here's the infamous Guest Cooler making an appearance at the Masquerade!
30 Masquerade Judge and Internet Personality, Scott Frazier.
31 The Costume o' Costumes. It's the bigger-than-life Pen-Pen.
32 Amanda Winn Lee and Crispin Freeman getting into the Pen-Pen extravaganza!
33 And here's Amanda getting WAY into the Pen-Pen extravaganza. This is the pinnicle of abstract photography.
34 And here's the far side... It's the Masquerade contestants, Part 1.
35 And this is what it looks like when it's all over. It's the Masquerade contestants, Part 2.
36 Want to see how long it takes to clear a hotel? Well, a false fire alarm will do it! And it did it to the tune of 2 Ambulances and 3 Fire Trucks.
37 Here's a nice cute pict. It's Momiji and Kusanagi from Blue Seed, AKA Amanda Winn Lee and Jason Lee.
38 And finally, here's the reason why I don't get outr as much as the rest of the world. This is a shot of the empty Newsroom where the at-con publications happen. Just a bit nicer than my hotelroom/newsroom from last year.