Character Sketch - Skyfall

Character Name: Skyfall
Former Name: Lykos
Gender: Male
Race: Wolfrider/Glider (mostly Pureblood)
Origin: Windy Tree
Age: 2736 turns (b. 7307)
Soulname: Kylun
Known by: Flashpoint (soulbrother)
Lifemate: None
Lovemate: None
Children: None

      Mother: Mountainstar, a Wolfrider from Moon Lake
      Father: Sirith, a Glider-hunter from the Glider Mtn.
      Siblings: None
Bondbeast: Currently none
Hair: Long; Black, down around his waist
Eyes: Grey-blue
Nose: Small, straight
Mouth: Small, kinda thin lipped
Skin tone: Fair
Height: 4' 5"
Build: Fair to medium

      Year Round: Black leather gloves
      Summer: Dark blue vest; black boots; Well fitting pants, baggy at the bottom.
      Winter: Dark blue long-sleeve top; fur lined boots and pants.
Jewelry: Brightmetal wristbands; necklace & pendant shaped like a wolf's paw.
Weapons: Sword; self-made bow and arrows; spear
Colors: black, blue, white

Talents: Gliding
Skills: Amateur animal bonder/trainer
Likes: Stargazing; birds; watching others; nighttime
Dislikes: Being forced to do things; pushy people; excessive heat; dreamberries; cloudy days

History: Skyfall was born in the small tree-top glider village that split off from the Mountain colony. His father, Sirith, was a glider/hunter and his mother, Mountainstar, was a Wolfrider from Moon Lake. Mountainstar left Moon Lake on a long scouting trip a few turns after her younger half-sister Whisperwolf became chief. She wandered around Abode for several turns until she was found by the gliders and taken back to the mountain. Inside, she explained who she was and shortly thereafter recognized the elf that found her, Sirith, one of the best gliders and hunters in the colony. A friend of Sirith's, a slightly insane healer/shapeshifter named Vistian, fascinated by the Wolfrider, experimented with her a bit and healed away almost all of her wolfblood. Then after realizing what he had done, attempted to dispose of her. Sirith got Mountainstar away from Vistian and left the Mountain to find the tree-top village the others had left to. A couple turns later, Sirith and Mountainstar had their cub and named him Lykos.

Lykos' parents died in a hunting accident shortly after he was born. He was raised by the elders of the village until he was able to support himself. Most of his life, he lived by himself, occasionally wandering around the world, exploring. On one of his trips, he wandered north to the woods around Dark Tree holt. There, he saw other wolfriders for the first time. He was gliding along, watching the Wolfriders and not paying attention to what he was doing, he slammed head first into a tree. Some of the Dark Tree elves saw him hit the ground. They rushed over and found Lykos next to the base of the tree with a nasty head wound. They questioned him and found that he had forgotten everything. They didn't know who he was, so they assumed that he was a Wolfrider. They decided to call him Skyfall because they said that he seemed to have fallen from the sky. Several hundred turns later, Skyfall and his soulbrother Flashpoint and lovemate Timberflyte left Dark Tree after Flash's recognized, Leafshadow, died in a hunting accident at the hand of the chief and an unsuccessful challenge. Skyfall wandered around for several turns after his lovemate and bond beast were killed and his soulbrother was captured by humans. (See the story "Sky Fall")

Sky eventually made his way to Grey Falls where, after a bad accident in a tree top, Yharren and Stone then helped him remember part of his past and what his former name was. Later, Sky also found out that he was a glider. Sky then had many questions about himself that he had no answers to. Before the occurrence of the purge, Skyfall left on a journey to find some answers. Skyfall worked his way around Abode until he found a mountain to the south inhabited by a glider colony. There, Sky found a link between him to the colony. He also found the details about his parents. Many of Sky's questions were answered, but the experience had a price. While in the Glider colony, Sky had a run-in with Vistian. Vistian was the only one who had the full story about Sky's parents and offered to tell Sky everything. Vistian was still angry at Sirith, so he decided to take his vengeance out on Sirith's son. When Vistian got Sky alone, he told Sky everything about Sirith and Mountainstar, but he also had other plans. Vistian got a hold of Sky and pumped him full of shapeshifting magic. Vistian succeeded in shifting part of Sky's left arm into a wolf paw before Sky got away. Sky got out of the mountain with the help of his father's sister, Tiari.

The pair continued Sky's search for his tribe until they finally found the remains of the tree-top village that was once his home. Finding the village destroyed, Skyfall and Tiari made their way northward where they found Moon Lake and the remains of Dark Tree before going back to Grey Falls.

Personality: Skyfall's personality has changed during the course of his travels. He's taken a little more of a personal responsibility for his livelihood and is now a fairly capable hunter. Even though throughout his travels he's mostly been alone, Sky recognizes the need for companionship and is more at ease with people now.

Outlook on life: Life will give you a lot of unexpected stuff... Just take what you get and make the most out of the little you have. Why? Because things work out best for the people that make the best of the way things work out.

Sees himself as: A Wolfrider to the end, despite his heritage.

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