Modern-day Japan. Two friends are studying for their upcoming high school exams. Miaka is a high-spirited teenaged girl who has a great love for food. Her best friend, Yui, is an intelligent young student, gearing to take the high school entrance exams. One day, Miaka and Yui go to the National Library to return some books. They didn't intend to stay long, but in the short time inside, something out of the ordinary happens...
Miaka waits as Yui returns her books. As she stares at the selection of items in the Library's vending machines, she sees something that doesn't seem to connect with reality. With the swooshing sounds of flapping wings, a large red bird reveals a staircase to a seemingly secret room. Miaka curiously heads up the stairs and into the room with a sign indicating that special documents are inside. Yui comes back and finds Miaka in the room when an ancient book falls onto the floor.
They head over and pick up the book. Yui glances at the title embossed on the cover, The Universe of the Four Gods. As curiosity overwhelms them, they open the book and begin to read.
As they flip through the first few pages, Miaka sees a picture of the mysterious bird that led her to find the staircase. They turn another page and so it goes...

"This is the story of a girl who gathered the Seven Seishi of Suzaku, and acquired the power to make every wish come true. The story itself is an incantation. Whoever finishes the book shall receive this power. As soon as the page is turned, the story will become the truth and begin..."

And so the tale begins... And yes, there's more to come.


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